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11/30/2015 07:25 AM
Promoting Global Warmth — Climate Change in the Right Direction

For the last few weeks, I’ve been working doggedly to finish a new website that means a lot to me: Global Warmth dot Org. This entire topic is a bit of a contradiction for me. I’ve always been one to like things on the cool side. I grew up in … Continue reading

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11/23/2015 06:26 AM
Patterns in Climate Change — Global Warming Should Not Have Been a Surprise

Patterns in climate change can prove fascinating. I’m beginning to see why climate scientists love their work. The last several days, I’ve concentrated on building my latest website— It seems, as usual, that the work required is far more than originally anticipated. No complaints, though. It’s a labor of love … Continue reading

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Horsehead nebula region. Photo: ESO.Astronomy has been a love of mine since the mid-1950s. Here is a region near the Horsehead Nebula. Photo: ESO.
Science, Social Interaction and More...

My entire life, I have spent in one form of exploration or another. I have explored the sciences—astronomy, geology, physics, chemistry, archaeology, anthropology and others. I have explored the mind and spirit. I have also explored the landscape of social interaction and politics, making all manner of discoveries, not all of them pretty.

Art and Writing

In my first career, I explored art, creating landscapes of other worlds, and producing background art for one short film by two time Academy Award winner, Saul Bass. I have explored the heart and found that men have remained confused about love for centuries, yet the truth about love is disarmingly simple. I have also explored the art of writing, publishing my first novel with a friend (John Dalmas) in 1983. I have also won first-place honors for my essay, "Outsiderness in the Scientific Community" (Krupnick Award), and for my short story, "Toady" (Dutton Books Award). Since then, I have published six other books—two science fiction and four non-fiction.

Computer Science and Software Engineering

In my second career, I explored the virtual world of computers, learning two dozen languages. I have explored mathematics, and produced 3D astronomy space software, Stars in the NeighborHood.

Education and the Skills of Discovery

And I have explored the realm of education, teaching classes at corporations like Control Data and Ceridian Payroll, and more recently teaching two semesters at Benedicto College in Mandaue City, Cebu, Philippines.

Spirit, Creation, Inspiration and Forgiveness

My entire life, I have been fascinated about ontological concerns—myself versus others, faith and doubt, and above all, the reason why we are here. In the last six decades, I have discovered far more than I originally thought possible. I have seen miracles that prove the existence of spirit and God. I have walked the strands of space sans corpus. I have tasted True Forgiveness and felt the love of my enemies blot out every ember of hate and resentment. I have felt the Holy Spirit move within my mind, inspiring it to see things it could not otherwise have thought.

Without Faith, it is impossible to please God... (Hebrews 11:6)

For some, life can be dull and repetitive. For others, it is filled with adventure and wonder. I have seen both sides. This website is dedicated to the adventurer in each of us. Dare to explore your mind, your life, your universe and more. This isn't about "thinking outside the box." Here, we vaporize the box and move freely through all possibilities.


Rod Martin, Jr. Rod Martin, Jr.

"The biggest barrier to making a dream come true is not dreaming it in the first place. Dare to dream big." —Rod Martin, Jr.

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